Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exciting news!

Studio Backstage have agreed to provide sponsorship for the Canadian Body Art Competition! More news to come soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Curator's Statement

Curator's Statement:
"The role of a curator is not an easy one. It is hard to put a limitation on personal expression & interpretation of a theme or genre. But it is the role of the curator to interpret the theme of an art gallery." - April-Anna Bremers

Defining Visionary Art: There are arguments within the artistic communities about who qualifies as a "visionary artist".

Visionary art as a genre is new, not really well defined, & is ambiguous. But art history shows that it is not new, but is just an offshoot of surrealism, and or of fantasy art. Those who would call Alex Grey a visionary artist would also call Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo a visionary artist. Salvador Dali is clearly a surrealistic artist who was involved in the Dada movement. Frida is a folk artist, expressing in ways that are traditional to
her people.

Is it possible that maybe all artists of all genres are visionary? After all, it is inspiration & inner vision that creates all art, music & theatre. Is "visionary" the artist telling stories about the times we live in? Our personal experiences? Or spiritual experiences? Is it realizations about the world at large?

To conclude; I cannot give you a clear defination of what is visionary art. I personally feel it is just another label & another box trying to box us artists in, instead of just allowing us to flow. I think what people are looking for in "Visionary Art" is really an energy and visual stimuli that help the viewer to connect with their inner self, their higher self and is an expression of the modern seeker who seeks enlightment.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping Check-List

Hey everyone! For anyone who is not experienced with camping, we decided to provide you with a camping check list, just to help you be prepared.

Of course this list really is the ultra list of camping lists and maybe you want to simplify more. But this will definately help you get your brain wheels turning!! Feel free to adapt to your needs!

PS: Please remember to adapt to be more GREEN! The festival has a mandate about how to meet the environmentally friendly standards; remember, it is an Eco-Festival after all!. Please see the main website for more details!

Feel free to right click your mouse over the image and save it to your own computer. If you want to view a larger version, just click on the image below!



What You can Do

Adopt the Green Code of Conduct!2011
Since its creation, OpenMind Festival has been engaged in Sustainable Development that’s looking to create a wide positive impact on the Earth and its inhabitants.

In order to attain our objective to create a positive impact, everyone participating to the festival must contribute to the festival’s sustainable development plan. Only then, will we be able together to create a change towards a more healthy, balanced and sustainable world.

You’ll find in this text our Eco-Camping Guide, which tells how to be a good eco-camper while participating to the festival. Our OpenMind Eco-Camping Guide can be applied during the festival as well as during any other camping trips.

OpenMind Festival’s Vision

Burst current paradigms to usher in a new sustainable and free era.
Create an important positive impact on the environment, societies and global consciousness.

OpenMind Festival’s Mission
Create individual and global change by creating spaces to allow the blooming of our children’s hearts and the experience of a new healthy, balanced and sustainable way of living.

Green Code of Conduct; Green Guidelines

You will find on the next pages the Green Guidelines named point by point followed by detailed explanations.

This is the behaviour that we encourage at the festival. Our green team will be present to give out some « green points» for your good actions. See details further in this document.
  • Bring reusable dishes and utensils rather than disposable ones
    • No disposable dishes or water bottles will be distributed on site
  • Try not to buy new materiel for the festival, use what you already have or borrow from someone
  • Chose hand-powered flash lights and equipment
  • Do not buy single-use items.
    • Individually packed items will be forbidden at the festival in 2012
  • Do not buy disposable propane tanks
    • There will be a community kitchen on site
    • Disposable propane tanks will be forbidden in 2012
  • Don’t buy new plastic, Styrofoam or over-wrapped objects.
  • Opt for durable equipment.

Personal Care
  • Bring only bio-degradable phosphate-free soap.
    • Non natural 100% biodegradable will not be allowed on site
  • Against mosquitoes, choose essential oil-based natural products rather than DEET-based.
  • Never use soap directly in streams or lakes. Use the showers.
  • If you have dirty water at your camp, get at least 70 meters away from all water access before dumping it on the ground.

  • Buy locally, organic and fair-trade
  • Bring washable dishes and bottles instead of disposable ones.
    • No bottled water will be available on site
    • No disposable dishes or water bottles will be distributed on site
  • Don ’t buy individually packed products
  • Don ‘t buy disposable propane tanks.
  • Avoid or reduce hot meals

  • Take your bicycle! (Specials on site for the ones arriving by bike!)
  • Take the bus
  • Carpool
  • Offset your transportation. (At the parking area)

  • Dispose of your waste in the sorting islets
  • Don’t start your own garbage bags, use the sorting islets.
  • Pack-in, Pack-out; don’t leave any waste behind you when you leave.
  • Leave no trace

  • Set up your tent in the areas designated to this effect, avoiding sensitive Flora
The use of personal generator with fossil fuel is forbidden.
  • Chemical substances, non-biodegradable are not allowed on site (soap, cleaning products, etc...)
  • For your traveling on site, use the paths as much as possible.
  • Only build fires in the designated areas.
  • Increase people’s awareness about sorting wastes, about sustainable development questions and spread a healthy, balanced and durable way of life.
  • Help us spread the information!

    Green Points
    A green team will be on site to make sure our Sustainable Development plan works, and also to give green points to those who are acting in a green way. In order to get green points, you need to follow the green lines of conduct from this document, and our sustainable development plan.
    Green points will be exchangeable for tickets to win:
    • 4 tickets for the next festival
    • Meal coupons on OpenMind 2011’s site
    • Coupons for teas and smoothies on OpenMind 2011’s site
    • Reduction on the next OpenMind festival’s tickets
    • 4 free bus trips for the next OpenMind festival
    • 4 tickets for the next event organized by OpenMind festival
    • A $50 gift card for
    • 2 Gift cards at Materra Aromatherapy
    • 1 aromatic cooking set of Provencal olive oil with 3 essential oils to add sunlight in your recipes.
    • 1 therapeutic essential oils kit containing “Musculus”, “Tête heureuse” and “multi-bobos” ointment.
    • And many other prizes to win!!

    Draws will be done every day at 6pm. Winners will be announced at the information booth.

    Closing Word
    It is in applying this Sustainable Development plan in all our decisions, operations and actions that together we can make a huge impact on the planet and on the present and future quality of human life.
    Together we can make a real difference; we hope you’ll join us in this free new era!!!
    Visit , « environment » section, for more details or to get the integral OpenMind sustainable development plan.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your Carbon Foot Print will Plant a Tree!

So for the Carbon Foot Print each person creates by driving to the festival, the festival requests a donation at the parking lot which will then be used to purchase a tree in order to offset  your carbon foot print! They are working with Carbone Boreal, whom will receive all of the proceeds raised in this endeuver.

Buses going to OpenMInd

By Bus


After walking and biking, bus is presently the most sustainable available transportation. Carbon emissions per passenger per km created from a 40 seats bus are 16,9g, compared to 215,1g for people alone in their car!!

That said, OpenMind Festival also strongly encourage participants to use our buses to come on site.

Here are organized trips:
  • From Montreal to OpenMind 2011
    • Friday August 12th; 18h
    • Saturday August 13th; Noon
  • From Ottawa to OpenMind 2011
    • Friday August 12th; 18h
    • Saturday August 13th; Noon

  • From OpenMind to Montreal
    • Sunday August 14th; 18h
    • Monday August 15th: 15h
  • From OpenMind to Ottawa
    • Sunday August 14th; 18h
    • Monday August 15th: 15h
Tickets prices are 15$
For each bus, we will give away 4 free tickets!! The draw will be made before to leave and prizes will be given as a refund. :-)
Everyone arriving by bus will be given 12
Green Points !!

TO BUY BUS TICKETS, Follow this LINK (Tickets Section)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Artists, Body Painters & Face Painters

For Artists, Body Painters & Face Painters

If you are registered in the competition, you get the following:
- Guestlist: free entry into the festival for artist + model
- Free ride on festival bus from either Montreal or Ottawa
- Free snacks & drinks
- Prizes Include: $600, live on site Massage by Allison Ryan, gift basket from BAREFOOT WINES, & more.

Deadline Extended!

The deadline for submitting your registration for either the face painting, body painting: sponge/brush or airbrush competition has been extended until August 1st, 2011. For more information or to register, please email:
or you can phone the curator at 514-243-4315

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friendly Competitors Wanted!

The Canadian Body Art Competition:
A collaboration between The Art of April-Anna and the Open Mind Eco Festival.  
The competition will happen on August 13th & 14th during the festival. The festival happens in the Whispering Pines Campsite, just outside of Curran, Ontario from August 9th to the 16th.

Last year was the 1st festival, with over 800 ticket holders, this year will be even bigger! The competition is inside of the Vision Art Gallery, which will house the works of 19 artists plus a "virtual gallery" in the form of a slide show happening in the Projection Room.

Artists wishing to participate in the body art competition are welcome to participate for free and will also be able to attend the festival for free, as well as it is free for artists to take the festival bus from Montreal or Ottawa to the campsite. There are also prizes!

Documentary in the Works

James Anthony McElligott is a documentary maker based in Montreal, QC, who has spent the last several years filming both the world's top and unknown body painters. "The Fine Art of Body Painting: Behind the Paint" will be ready for release either in 2012 or 2013. Artists who have been included in this film are Bella Volen, Natasha Kudashkina, Margie Nugent, Einat Dan, Craig Tracey, Remix, Rachel Debor, Nix Herrera, Joy Carter & many more!

James will be filming the Canadian Body Art Competition at OpenMind.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Open House "Enchanted Forest" Pre-OpenMind Festival Art Exhibition

The pre-festival promotional art exhibition of "Enchanted Forest: a visionary art experience" is a sample group art show of what will be at the big show in August at the Open Mind Eco Festival.

This current group art show at Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space opened June 9th and closes July 9th; it is by appointment to see the work.

Except for this coming saturday, July 2nd, is an Open House that I am hosting, drop in between 2pm to 7pm and come to meet the artists!
5369 St. Laurent, Suite 240

Come see the works of 22 visual artists from Quebec, PEI, Vancouver, Toronto and more!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vernissage, Chinese Auction & Cocktail June 9th

"Enchanted Forest" Vernissage - June 9th Fundraiser. 6pm-10pm Coctail & Chinese Auction. 6pm-10pm. Group Art Show.

Music & Entertainment By:
Balkan Beats by DJ Eliazar
Kyra Shaughnessy: Singer Songwriter
Story Telling by Hobbes
Harp & Song by Theda Miller & tba.

Belly Dance by Sharon Levinger. Baladi by Keera Sama.
Roaming magician Sébastien Talbot.

Cocktail sponsored by Barefoot Wines.

Location: Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space: 5369 St. Laurent, Suite 240

Organized, created & presented by The Art of April-Anna.
Chinese Auction:
Cross between a silent auction & a raffle. This is the funnest type of auction you will ever go to! Any items you are interested in, you can place as many raffle tickets on that item as you want, each raffle ticket increases your chances of winning (every item is a seperate draw).

 Items on auction include (more TBA):

- 2 Gift certificates from Allison Ryan Massage Therapy Montreal valued at $100

- 1 Gift certificate from Montreal Gong-Fu Research Centre for consultation & tuina (chinese massage) valued at $70.

- Organic clothing from Advika valued at $250

- 1 Gift certificate for private lesson valued $60 from Sharon Levinger Belly Dance Performer & Instructor

- 1 Gift certificate valued at $100 (tarot reading) from Catharine Allan Clairvoyant Medium

- 1 Gift certificate valued at $75 from Gaelle's Massage Therapy & Healing Services

- 1 Gift certificate valued $50 from Lumanessence

- 1 Gift certificate from Psychonaut

- 1 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl valued at $250. from Andrea Ostiguy, Reflexologist/Naturotherapist

- 1 Adventurine Necklace valued at $50 from Le Dragon Argente

- 1 Hypnotherapy session, valued at $90 from Ikra Centre

- 1 CD from Auresia Muse

- 1 Sculpture "Egg Goddess", value is $50, donated & made by Lauryn Trimble

- 1 Dress with arm warmers from Gypsy Circus Clothing by Sandra Iannuccilli. Valued at $165.

- 1 Gift Certificate for Radiesthesy session and Aura reading valued at $100 from Charme & Sortilège

- 2 Tickets plus 6 meals for 2 at the Open Mind Eco Festival. 8 days, ticket value at the door is $175. per ticket, total value: $350.

- Gift certificate for $80 at Trance Plants: shamanic and medicinal herbs and incenses.

- 1 Hula hoop valued at $50 from A-Muse Hoops

- ‎2 headbands and a belt valued at $85. from Keera Sama Designs

- Art prints from the following artists: Elissa Baltzer, April-Anna, P.John Burden, and more!

- $150 Gift Certificate from Organik Santé Corporative for an appointment with the naturopath Émilia Sirois.

- $125 Gift Certificate from Elizabeth Johnston, Writer, Instructor & Coach for a one day screen writing seminar on Saturday, September 10th, 2011.

- Home Cleansing Smudge Kit from Melange Magick, valued at $40.

 - Tea & Colouring book from Yellow Bird Project

- Wine basket from Barefoot Wines

- Beer basket from Beau's Organic Beer

More auction items to be announced soon! - MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!

Auction Tickets:
5 tickets for a recommended donation of $10
12 tickets for a recommended donation of  $20
35 tickets for a recommended donation of  $50

Free finger food. We ask for donations at the door and donations for the bar.

Why do we need to fundraise?
I am (The Art of April-Anna) organizing a fundraiser to raise money for the art gallery & body art competition. We need to raise prize money for the competitions, money for tools such as folding tables & chairs, outdoor canopy tents, food for artists and more.

For more information or to contribute (still looking for more musical acts, artists & performers), please email

Friday, May 20, 2011

June Exhibition: Updated 22/05/2011 - Artist List

(scroll down to see the artist list)

June 9th to July 9th, 2011: 
Enchanted Forest: a visionary art experience.
The "June show" is initiated, created, organized & curated by The Art of April-Anna. This pre-show is a fundraiser for the art area at OpenMind Festival. This smaller show in June is intended to create awareness about the upcoming big art exhibition & body art competition at the Open Mind Eco Festival, August 9th to the 16th.
Aurel - Pumayana

The June show will explore the enchanted forest, ecology and visionary art in a much broader sense then you would normally associate with visionary. What you will see in this exhibition is diversity and a diverse interpretation of the subject matter as well as in style. The June show is intentionally broader then the August show. The June show is accepting more artists but only 1 piece per artist, the August show is exhibiting less artists but more art from each artist.

P.John Burden
While the June show does include works by artists that are accepted within the visionary art circles as being visionary artists, I have diverged from the "visionary beaten path" in how I am as a curator interpreting "what is visionary art?".
Valérie Blanchet

You can expect to see some fantasy, faeries, traditional animation, surrealism, figurative landspace, sculpture, and photography, all of which are still exploring the same subject matter, "Enchanted forest: a visionary art experience.", but all from very different perspectives.
Jacqueline Hana Tyracek

Opening Night/Vernissage: 
Cocktail sponsored by Barefoot Wines
Thursday June 9th, 2011, 6pm-10pm.
Location: Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space.
Fundraiser for the Open Mind Eco Festival's
Art Gallery & Body Art Competition.

Adriane Enns
Aurel - Pumayana (Australia/France)
Chris Dyer (Peru/Montreal)
P.John Burden (Maritimes/PEI)
April-Anna (BC/Montreal)
Elissa Baltzer (PEI/Montreal)
Serene Daoud (Montreal)

Jacqueline Hana Tyracek (Vancouver, BC)
Adriane Enns (BC)
Lauren Trimble (Montreal)
Benjamin Wong (Montreal)
Valérie Blanchet (Montreal)
Gabriel - DJ Zen
Marie-Line Vasseur (Montreal)
Janic Losier
Plume (Richelieu, QC)
Lena Breijer (Montreal)
Yasmine Desrochers
Valerie Lambert (Belgium)
Jonathan Lee (Toronto)
Cornelia Dudli
Allison Ryan

More artists to still be announced.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Call for Artists Submission​s! - Group Exhibition June 9th to July 9th, 2011

Call for artists!

Group Art Exhibition: “Enchanted Forest”
a Visionary Art Experience
June 9th-July 9th, 2011.
Location: Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space.
Fundraiser for the Open Mind Eco Festival's
Art Gallery & Body Art Competition.
Vernissage: Cocktail & “Chinese” Auction:
Thursday June 9th, 2011, 6pm-10pm.
Closing party & fundraiser: tba.

Visionary Art at the Open Mind Eco Festival is any art that:

- Is influenced by philosophical or spiritual thoughts, and/or experiences.

- Influenced by nature (flora/fauna), ecology, surrealism, imagination and/or mythology.

- Art that seeks to influence or create positive social change, or to convey a thought provoking message that is intended to create positive social change; a vision or mirror of a healthier world.

- Is an expression of your inner sight; your personal view of a “window into the soul”.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, May 26th, 2011.
Due to some confusions for some artists, just to clarify: Submission Deadline is only for the small art show happening in June/July. I am still considering artists for the big show at the Open Mind Eco Festival in August, there is no formal deadline for the big show, when I run out of space, I will no longer be accepting new submissions.

Important Information:

1 piece of art per artist.

All works must be ready to hang.

Maximum Dimensions 30in x 40in.

Participation Fee $5. each, this pays for promotional material.

Each artist will be expected to help with promotions of the art exhibition & vernissage.

If your artwork sells, we take a 20%. Half of this goes towards the fundraiser & the other half would go to the studio space that is hosting the art exhibition.


Title of your email should say “Art Submission”. Please include the name of your piece with a short description of the painting (please include the medium). If you have a website, please include this. .

Most importantly, please include a photograph of your painting in JPEG file format that is no larger then 800x700 pixels at a 72 pixel resolution.

Be sure to include your phone number and email.

Submit your application by email to the curator, April-Anna

Those artists accepted into the exhibition will be notified by June 1st, 2011.

About the fundraiser & the Open Mind Eco Festival:

The Open Mind Eco Festival is in it's 2nd year and will be happening from August 9th-16th at the Whispering Pines Campsite in Curran, Ontario. Last year's festival attracted over 900 attendees. With 2 stages (including 1 ambient stage), a children's village, visual art area, a labyrinth, performance animations, cinema, enchanted forest, healer's village, non-denominational spiritual ceremonies & free workshops with everything from arts & crafts to yoga.

The visionary art area is being organized & curated by local Montreal artist, The Art of April-Anna. There will be a large art gallery full of Visionary Art. This year will be the 1st year that we will introduce a Body Art Competitions; which will include a face painting competition, and body painting competitions for sponge/brush, & airbrush. There will be sections for beginners & advanced painters.