Friday, May 20, 2011

June Exhibition: Updated 22/05/2011 - Artist List

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June 9th to July 9th, 2011: 
Enchanted Forest: a visionary art experience.
The "June show" is initiated, created, organized & curated by The Art of April-Anna. This pre-show is a fundraiser for the art area at OpenMind Festival. This smaller show in June is intended to create awareness about the upcoming big art exhibition & body art competition at the Open Mind Eco Festival, August 9th to the 16th.
Aurel - Pumayana

The June show will explore the enchanted forest, ecology and visionary art in a much broader sense then you would normally associate with visionary. What you will see in this exhibition is diversity and a diverse interpretation of the subject matter as well as in style. The June show is intentionally broader then the August show. The June show is accepting more artists but only 1 piece per artist, the August show is exhibiting less artists but more art from each artist.

P.John Burden
While the June show does include works by artists that are accepted within the visionary art circles as being visionary artists, I have diverged from the "visionary beaten path" in how I am as a curator interpreting "what is visionary art?".
Valérie Blanchet

You can expect to see some fantasy, faeries, traditional animation, surrealism, figurative landspace, sculpture, and photography, all of which are still exploring the same subject matter, "Enchanted forest: a visionary art experience.", but all from very different perspectives.
Jacqueline Hana Tyracek

Opening Night/Vernissage: 
Cocktail sponsored by Barefoot Wines
Thursday June 9th, 2011, 6pm-10pm.
Location: Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space.
Fundraiser for the Open Mind Eco Festival's
Art Gallery & Body Art Competition.

Adriane Enns
Aurel - Pumayana (Australia/France)
Chris Dyer (Peru/Montreal)
P.John Burden (Maritimes/PEI)
April-Anna (BC/Montreal)
Elissa Baltzer (PEI/Montreal)
Serene Daoud (Montreal)

Jacqueline Hana Tyracek (Vancouver, BC)
Adriane Enns (BC)
Lauren Trimble (Montreal)
Benjamin Wong (Montreal)
Valérie Blanchet (Montreal)
Gabriel - DJ Zen
Marie-Line Vasseur (Montreal)
Janic Losier
Plume (Richelieu, QC)
Lena Breijer (Montreal)
Yasmine Desrochers
Valerie Lambert (Belgium)
Jonathan Lee (Toronto)
Cornelia Dudli
Allison Ryan

More artists to still be announced.

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