More information coming soon.
Plus d'informations bientôt.

Body Painting Competition:
Sponge & Brush,
Beginner & Professional
Saturday, August 13th, 10am

Body Painting Competition:
Airbrush, Beginner & Professional
Sunday, August 14th, 10am

Face Painting Competition:
Beginner & Professional
Styles: Kids, Adults, Fantasy or High Fashion
Sunday, August 14th, 3pm

Schedule for the Sponge & Brush Body Painting on saturday, as well as the Airbrush Body Painting on sunday. For face painting, it's simular schedule but face painters start at 3pm, finish at 5pm.

Proposed Schedule:
9am to 10:30am: Welcome & set up for artists & models.
11am: Start of competition.
12pm: Public is allowed in to the art gallery to view the paintings in progress and look at the visual art.
1pm: Lunch: a volunteer will come around and take your orders for either snacks or meals and these will be delivered to you (unless you packed a lunch). Prices for food will soon be announced.
3pm: Snacks will be brought around for those who need it. Prices for snacks to be announced.
5pm: End of Competition. Art Gallery temporarily closed to the public.
Judges will ask to see the models & artists one at a time. Artist will be given a chance to explain how they have interpreted the theme.
5:05pm: Orders will be taken from those who need to eat dinner (this is highly encouraged, please take care of your health). Prices for food to be announced. Food will be eaten in the art gallery and would probably arrive in the art area by 5:30pm.
6pm: Judging should be finished. Also in this time artists & models should eat dinner.
6:30pm:  Everyone should be ready to do the model parade which will go from the Art Gallery around the festival grounds and eventually end up at the main stage.
7pm: Prizes will be given. Each model & artist will have a chance to be showcased on the stage. Announcer will announce artist name, website, city that you are from and name of the model.
7:30pm: Photographers will take photos of your finished body painted models.
8pm: Special surprises tba to help with relaxation, reward & decompression for all artists & models at a private party.