Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exciting news!

Studio Backstage have agreed to provide sponsorship for the Canadian Body Art Competition! More news to come soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Curator's Statement

Curator's Statement:
"The role of a curator is not an easy one. It is hard to put a limitation on personal expression & interpretation of a theme or genre. But it is the role of the curator to interpret the theme of an art gallery." - April-Anna Bremers

Defining Visionary Art: There are arguments within the artistic communities about who qualifies as a "visionary artist".

Visionary art as a genre is new, not really well defined, & is ambiguous. But art history shows that it is not new, but is just an offshoot of surrealism, and or of fantasy art. Those who would call Alex Grey a visionary artist would also call Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo a visionary artist. Salvador Dali is clearly a surrealistic artist who was involved in the Dada movement. Frida is a folk artist, expressing in ways that are traditional to
her people.

Is it possible that maybe all artists of all genres are visionary? After all, it is inspiration & inner vision that creates all art, music & theatre. Is "visionary" the artist telling stories about the times we live in? Our personal experiences? Or spiritual experiences? Is it realizations about the world at large?

To conclude; I cannot give you a clear defination of what is visionary art. I personally feel it is just another label & another box trying to box us artists in, instead of just allowing us to flow. I think what people are looking for in "Visionary Art" is really an energy and visual stimuli that help the viewer to connect with their inner self, their higher self and is an expression of the modern seeker who seeks enlightment.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping Check-List

Hey everyone! For anyone who is not experienced with camping, we decided to provide you with a camping check list, just to help you be prepared.

Of course this list really is the ultra list of camping lists and maybe you want to simplify more. But this will definately help you get your brain wheels turning!! Feel free to adapt to your needs!

PS: Please remember to adapt to be more GREEN! The festival has a mandate about how to meet the environmentally friendly standards; remember, it is an Eco-Festival after all!. Please see the main website for more details!

Feel free to right click your mouse over the image and save it to your own computer. If you want to view a larger version, just click on the image below!



What You can Do

Adopt the Green Code of Conduct!2011
Since its creation, OpenMind Festival has been engaged in Sustainable Development that’s looking to create a wide positive impact on the Earth and its inhabitants.

In order to attain our objective to create a positive impact, everyone participating to the festival must contribute to the festival’s sustainable development plan. Only then, will we be able together to create a change towards a more healthy, balanced and sustainable world.

You’ll find in this text our Eco-Camping Guide, which tells how to be a good eco-camper while participating to the festival. Our OpenMind Eco-Camping Guide can be applied during the festival as well as during any other camping trips.

OpenMind Festival’s Vision

Burst current paradigms to usher in a new sustainable and free era.
Create an important positive impact on the environment, societies and global consciousness.

OpenMind Festival’s Mission
Create individual and global change by creating spaces to allow the blooming of our children’s hearts and the experience of a new healthy, balanced and sustainable way of living.

Green Code of Conduct; Green Guidelines

You will find on the next pages the Green Guidelines named point by point followed by detailed explanations.

This is the behaviour that we encourage at the festival. Our green team will be present to give out some « green points» for your good actions. See details further in this document.
  • Bring reusable dishes and utensils rather than disposable ones
    • No disposable dishes or water bottles will be distributed on site
  • Try not to buy new materiel for the festival, use what you already have or borrow from someone
  • Chose hand-powered flash lights and equipment
  • Do not buy single-use items.
    • Individually packed items will be forbidden at the festival in 2012
  • Do not buy disposable propane tanks
    • There will be a community kitchen on site
    • Disposable propane tanks will be forbidden in 2012
  • Don’t buy new plastic, Styrofoam or over-wrapped objects.
  • Opt for durable equipment.

Personal Care
  • Bring only bio-degradable phosphate-free soap.
    • Non natural 100% biodegradable will not be allowed on site
  • Against mosquitoes, choose essential oil-based natural products rather than DEET-based.
  • Never use soap directly in streams or lakes. Use the showers.
  • If you have dirty water at your camp, get at least 70 meters away from all water access before dumping it on the ground.

  • Buy locally, organic and fair-trade
  • Bring washable dishes and bottles instead of disposable ones.
    • No bottled water will be available on site
    • No disposable dishes or water bottles will be distributed on site
  • Don ’t buy individually packed products
  • Don ‘t buy disposable propane tanks.
  • Avoid or reduce hot meals

  • Take your bicycle! (Specials on site for the ones arriving by bike!)
  • Take the bus
  • Carpool
  • Offset your transportation. (At the parking area)

  • Dispose of your waste in the sorting islets
  • Don’t start your own garbage bags, use the sorting islets.
  • Pack-in, Pack-out; don’t leave any waste behind you when you leave.
  • Leave no trace

  • Set up your tent in the areas designated to this effect, avoiding sensitive Flora
The use of personal generator with fossil fuel is forbidden.
  • Chemical substances, non-biodegradable are not allowed on site (soap, cleaning products, etc...)
  • For your traveling on site, use the paths as much as possible.
  • Only build fires in the designated areas.
  • Increase people’s awareness about sorting wastes, about sustainable development questions and spread a healthy, balanced and durable way of life.
  • Help us spread the information!

    Green Points
    A green team will be on site to make sure our Sustainable Development plan works, and also to give green points to those who are acting in a green way. In order to get green points, you need to follow the green lines of conduct from this document, and our sustainable development plan.
    Green points will be exchangeable for tickets to win:
    • 4 tickets for the next festival
    • Meal coupons on OpenMind 2011’s site
    • Coupons for teas and smoothies on OpenMind 2011’s site
    • Reduction on the next OpenMind festival’s tickets
    • 4 free bus trips for the next OpenMind festival
    • 4 tickets for the next event organized by OpenMind festival
    • A $50 gift card for
    • 2 Gift cards at Materra Aromatherapy
    • 1 aromatic cooking set of Provencal olive oil with 3 essential oils to add sunlight in your recipes.
    • 1 therapeutic essential oils kit containing “Musculus”, “TĂȘte heureuse” and “multi-bobos” ointment.
    • And many other prizes to win!!

    Draws will be done every day at 6pm. Winners will be announced at the information booth.

    Closing Word
    It is in applying this Sustainable Development plan in all our decisions, operations and actions that together we can make a huge impact on the planet and on the present and future quality of human life.
    Together we can make a real difference; we hope you’ll join us in this free new era!!!
    Visit , « environment » section, for more details or to get the integral OpenMind sustainable development plan.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your Carbon Foot Print will Plant a Tree!

So for the Carbon Foot Print each person creates by driving to the festival, the festival requests a donation at the parking lot which will then be used to purchase a tree in order to offset  your carbon foot print! They are working with Carbone Boreal, whom will receive all of the proceeds raised in this endeuver.

Buses going to OpenMInd

By Bus


After walking and biking, bus is presently the most sustainable available transportation. Carbon emissions per passenger per km created from a 40 seats bus are 16,9g, compared to 215,1g for people alone in their car!!

That said, OpenMind Festival also strongly encourage participants to use our buses to come on site.

Here are organized trips:
  • From Montreal to OpenMind 2011
    • Friday August 12th; 18h
    • Saturday August 13th; Noon
  • From Ottawa to OpenMind 2011
    • Friday August 12th; 18h
    • Saturday August 13th; Noon

  • From OpenMind to Montreal
    • Sunday August 14th; 18h
    • Monday August 15th: 15h
  • From OpenMind to Ottawa
    • Sunday August 14th; 18h
    • Monday August 15th: 15h
Tickets prices are 15$
For each bus, we will give away 4 free tickets!! The draw will be made before to leave and prizes will be given as a refund. :-)
Everyone arriving by bus will be given 12
Green Points !!

TO BUY BUS TICKETS, Follow this LINK (Tickets Section)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Artists, Body Painters & Face Painters

For Artists, Body Painters & Face Painters

If you are registered in the competition, you get the following:
- Guestlist: free entry into the festival for artist + model
- Free ride on festival bus from either Montreal or Ottawa
- Free snacks & drinks
- Prizes Include: $600, live on site Massage by Allison Ryan, gift basket from BAREFOOT WINES, & more.

Deadline Extended!

The deadline for submitting your registration for either the face painting, body painting: sponge/brush or airbrush competition has been extended until August 1st, 2011. For more information or to register, please email:
or you can phone the curator at 514-243-4315