Monday, August 1, 2011

Curator's Statement

Curator's Statement:
"The role of a curator is not an easy one. It is hard to put a limitation on personal expression & interpretation of a theme or genre. But it is the role of the curator to interpret the theme of an art gallery." - April-Anna Bremers

Defining Visionary Art: There are arguments within the artistic communities about who qualifies as a "visionary artist".

Visionary art as a genre is new, not really well defined, & is ambiguous. But art history shows that it is not new, but is just an offshoot of surrealism, and or of fantasy art. Those who would call Alex Grey a visionary artist would also call Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo a visionary artist. Salvador Dali is clearly a surrealistic artist who was involved in the Dada movement. Frida is a folk artist, expressing in ways that are traditional to
her people.

Is it possible that maybe all artists of all genres are visionary? After all, it is inspiration & inner vision that creates all art, music & theatre. Is "visionary" the artist telling stories about the times we live in? Our personal experiences? Or spiritual experiences? Is it realizations about the world at large?

To conclude; I cannot give you a clear defination of what is visionary art. I personally feel it is just another label & another box trying to box us artists in, instead of just allowing us to flow. I think what people are looking for in "Visionary Art" is really an energy and visual stimuli that help the viewer to connect with their inner self, their higher self and is an expression of the modern seeker who seeks enlightment.

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